In Memoriam

In Memoriam
Criminals in Heaven

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

In Memoriam

Family members and fellow classmates have provided the following names. Every effort is made to confirm the information provided. However, errors do occur and we apologize in advance for any possible errors.

Married name is in parenthesis

Let us pray for the soul of our dearly beloved alumni. They may be gone, but their memories shall remain in our hearts forever.

Memorial Service


Gateway Park-East Wetlands

WELCOME - Linda Johnson Riley 1958

We call to mind this afternoon so many lives, each one a tale of joys and sorrows, interwoven with the lives of others in the ever-changing fabric of community.

We gather drawn by having shared this place when we were taking form, united by a calendar that tells us we belong together.

We welcome that belonging, having felt the touch of loneliness, and think of those departed with both grief and gratitude - we matter to each other.

Pastor Tyrone Jones, Calvary Temple f Christ Church

Message and Prayer

*Singer’s Solo

*Second Song with everyone singing along

*Pass out lists of Deceased Classmates

Hand out carnations – Jonnie Rae Burks Thomas

Helped by Senior Girl Scouts

George Walker, Class of 1958 playing the bagpipes

*Service is completed, comment on boards showing different reunions, as well as memorial boards for individual classes

George plays while everyone walks to the river bank

George begins playing “Shall We Gather at the River”

Simultaneous with everone throwing their flowers in the river.


(no names were made available)


Carter, Mabel

Greer, Dora

Ketcherside, Allison

Lynch, Maggie Bell

Lynch, Ethel Doan

Littlefield, Nellie

Moore, Mabe

Spaulding, Jay

Spaulding, Florencel

Sturges, Vesta


Alexander, Olive

Greer, Georgia

Hansberger, Roy

Kent, Edith

Low, Bessie

Power, Edward

Shelby, Bernadette

Wadin, Lillian


Carruthers, Sam

Crouch, Mary

Ferguson, Clara (Townsend)

Livingstone, Ruby (Adair)

Post, Anita

White, Waldo

York, Lois


Britain, Andy

Ferguson, Lyle

Gilmore, Joe

Haughtelin, Edna

Lowe, Maddie

McPherson, Orville

Nakamoto, Frank


Fain, Lucy

Faulkner, Nina

Greenleaf, Amy (Fisher)

Gregory, Vivian

Lawler, Anna

Lynch, Emzy

Mitchell, Anna L.

Mitchell, Ralph

Shelby, Victor

Westover, Harry

Westover, William


Hinshaw, Eva (Wright)


(no names were made available)


Fuquay, Delia (Hansberger)

Townsend, Eugene Phillip


Clymer, Vera (Keene)

Hinshaw, Eva (Wright)


(no names were made available)


Green, Sofia

Smith, Gladys (Power)


Finch, W. Ruel

Green, William


(no names were made available)


Cranford, Blanch (Breech)

Doan, Marian

Hamilton, Joe

Hinshaw, John

Hopper, John

McCain, Ida Belle (Baker)

Prince, Francis C.

Wilson, Marian (York)

Winsor, Eleanor (Davis)

York, Archie


Baker, Robert

Blake, Stephen

Chaney, Velma

Clonts, Bert

Corey, Esther

Cox, Dale

Doan, Anna Mae

Edwards, Violet

Hansberger, Harry

Hansberger, Hazel

Harris, Janie

Harrington, Janice

Hobart, Frank

Hobart, George

Jones, Lucille

Knepper, Hazel (Tate)

Lothridge, Claude

Mayo, Edward

Mott, Claude

Pulsifer, Nathan

Springer, Marvin

Thomas, Cleo

Waddell, Joe

Wadin, Albin

White, Ralph

Wright, Helen

Yound, Thomas

Young, Mary Elizabeth


Conway, Bessie

Cooper, Alma (Schott)

Cox, Eloise

Edwards, Morris

Dickson, Malcolm

Flint, Carl

Garcia, Albert

Garret, Anna

Haley, Idella

Ham, Waltice

Hastings, Vera

Hodges, Edna

Hopper, Jack

Johannsen, Sopian

Knepper, Ralph

Lenon, Robert

Liedtke, Emma

Lipscomb, Grant

Martinez, Casillda

McClure, Miriam

Odle, Edward

Odle, Marjorie

Pancrazi, Josephone

Sharp, Allie

Shaw, Clara

Schupback, Leonard

Siberts, Minetta

Simons, Susie

Smith, Luella

Stedman, Marguerite

Tate, Ruth (Byrd)

Waddell, Aubrey

Weaver, Lawrence

Weaver, Lucella

Winsor, Margaret (Blalack)


Hodges, Isaac “Buster”

Stanley, John

Townsend, Oakley

Hinshaw, Esther

Sharp, Mike


Arnold, Clark

Bradford, Elwood


Beeler, Roland B.

Cano, Julian

Hinshaw, Mary

Linder, George

Osborne, Bertie (Powers)

Smith, Hewlett

Stahl, Melvin

Sullivan, Marcia (Birmingham)


Beeler, George


Cano, Julian

Cooper, Drexel

Cooper, Zona (Brandt)

Coz, Efren “Sonny”

Frith, Robert

Lorona, William

Lorona, Gene

Neson, Howard

Paul, Lois (Beeler)


Beeler, Clarence

Power, Wilber


(no names were made available)


(no names were made available)


Crowder, Eric

Hinshaw, Wilma

Power, Bill

Ramsey, Olive (Lee)

Woods, Sid


Crowder, Helen Marie

Power, Curt


Crowder, Robert E.

Cutler, Jack L.

Power, Bob

Raebel, A. Bernard “Ben”


Webb, Juanita


DeBerry, Bourette

Power, Kenneth “Sapo”


(no names were made available)


Green, James “Moto”

Doten, Johnny

Sheridan, Sal

Richard, Coz

DeBerry, Ferris


Pfeiffer, Kenneth

Hunt, Almarie (MacQuiddy)

Hunt, Madge (Tanner)

Wright, Orville


Brown, Dorothy

DeBerry, Gaynor

Fritts, John Homer

Ramsey, Jack


Wright, Mary Jewel (Tower)


Robison, James Calvin “Robby”

Webb, Marcel

Wright, Kenneth


Akins, Lavera (Kelly)

Anderson, Louise(Beshears)

Avila, Rubin

Blair, Everett "Smokey"

Bradford, Betty Lee (Weeks)

Bradshaw, Margery(Lewis)

Brown, Frank

Burch, Barbara (Haynes)

Cawley, Gloria (Riley)

Dorries, Alvin

Doten, Robert

Drysdale, Rosie (Morgan)

Durkin, John

Dusenberry, Ned

Eller, Jean (Wilson)

Ferguson, Mae (Crump)

Gilmore, James

Hale, Lucille (Behrens)

Hamilton, Paul

Handcock, Lena (Barnette)

Haughtelin, Hilary

House, Imogene (Land)

Kehl, Edward

Kelly, Wally

McCain, Bobbie Ruth (Johnson)

McClung, Robert

McCoy, Patricia

Means, Mary Ann

Mier, Kort

Morton, Mona Lee (Donkersley)

Neahr, Eddie

Ogram, George

Ollason, Larry

Redondo, George

Roll, Ted

Romero, Tom

Sanks, Harold

Segulia, Annie (Hansen)

Slater, Robert

Smith, Mary Beth (Hill)

Smith, Roberta

Spencer, Gladys (Cole)

Stanton, Sonny

Vincent, Jim

Walker, Helen (Harvey)

Woods, Gracie (Hammons)

Wright, Emadee (Friesen)

Wright, Richard


Alstatt, Dorothy

Arviso, Theodore

Barrigan, Reuben


Bower, Bill

Britian, Doris (McCormick)

Callahan, Robert

Cano, David

Cano, Steve

Colby, Sidney

Coon, Marjorie (Newman)

Crawford, Jerry

Cypert, Don

Daugherty, Bertha (Arrington)

Dunhan, Betty (Lowry)

Durant, Wanda (Haughtelin)

Estupinan, Isabel (Guzman)

Ford, Carlene

Gross, Charles

Guinn, Betty (Coleman)

Haynes, Joe

Hovatter, Donald

Hughes, Harvey

Johnson Jr., Herbert M.

Jackson, Joe

Morgan, Mildred (Gremitt)

Townsend, Ted

Winn, Gertrude (Keegan)

Lee, Robert W.

Magana, Emma (Davis)

McIntyre, Mary

McDaniels, Wilton

Maloney, Gene

Moody, Willie (Condry)

Munoz, Pete

Pihl, Eleanor (Peach)

Pender, Patsy (Highfill)

Reese, Richard

Sainz, Betty (Britt)

Self, Bud

Sylvara, Joanne (Noland)

Townsend, Ted

Van Dyke, Charles

Webb, Neal

Yarwood, Edward

Dewhurst, Dorcus Ann (Dorries)

Perkins, Linwood

Cranford, Laura Mae (Stevenson)


Chavez, Eleanor (Gill)

Dorries, Lois (Hovatter)

Garret, John

Griffin, Truman


Alvarado, Mildred

Alvarado, Robert

Babb, Roger Leon Franklin

Brown, Robert Ernest

Campbell, Alta Beryl

Cano, Julian Bernal

Cano, Julian Bernal

Cebulak, James Michael Dallas

Coffeen, William A.

Culver, Marilyn Jean

Cypert, Lola Mae

Daniel, Howard Wesley

Higgins, Edward Donald

Higuera, Rose Marie (Leonard)

Hodges, Jennie Polhamus (Miller)

Hurtado, Felix, Nunez (Sutton)

Larson, Norma Dean (Moody)

Lattie, Sarahella (Yarwood)

Levy, Rose Ella (Headington)

McAlpin, Jr. Willis Willard

McGovern, Charles Edward

Meredith, Charles Elmer

Moss, Daniel Joseph

Mullins, Martha Lucille

Nelson, Betty Louise (Thacker)

Newhard, Margaret Jean

Noonan, Diane (Winkler)

Phillips, Herman Alvin

Roberts, Bobby Kevin

Shoaf, Robert Frederick

Shugart, Darlene Elizabeth

Sims, Jack Kenneth

Smith, James Richard

Smith, Robert Temple

Solomon, Henry N.

Tate, Harry Lynn

Tate, Robert Louis

Thacker, Robert M.

West, Nina Jean

Wilxox, John Duane

Williamson, James Robert


Andress, Jacque (Ridenour)

Armbruster, Tom

Bagby, Bea (Winsor)

Bayless, Bill

Bower, Joan (Durant)

Beltran, Eleanor

Castro, Ernestine (Molina)

Clark, Kenneth

Cloud, Connie

Connor, Olga (Crandall)

Dougherty, Gerald

DeCorse, Henry

Curtis, Joyce (Durant)

Freeman, Dale

Gragnon, Tommie Louise

Gray, Genolia (Redondo)

Ham, John Ann (Dolejsi)

Hanna, James

Hotka, George

Hotel, Daniel

Hovey, James Cecil

Harmon, Clayton

Hopper, Carlene (Harper)

Lawhon, Robert

Larson, Marvin

Minter, Melba (Goade)

Newberry, Ross

Ochoa, Fred

Owens, Cecil

Segulja, Pete

Sorenson, Charles

Steen, Jesse

Sims, Bennie

Seale, Juanita (Selitto)

Skinner, Barbara (Hooker)

Street, Robert

Sylvara, Norma (Roberts)

Page, Madge (Williams)

Tisue, Diane (Underhill)

Underhill, Dorothy (Johnson)

Wadlow, Neysa (Marshall)

Wright, John

Wagner, Wanda


Alvarado, Augustina (Apolinar)

Avila, Mary Lou

Patsy, Anderson (Byrd)

Byrd, Jr.. Russel C.

Benton, Jackie

Burleson, Virginia

Callaway, Paul

Calzado, Tommy

Cano, Socorro

Cansler, Carl

Contrares, John

Croslin, Jerriel (Trammel)

Devine, Charles

Dominguez, Albert

Edward, Leroy

Gomez, Ofelia (Perez)

Goss, Roy

Hankin, Lillian (Burhop)

Harrison, Kenneth

Herman, Ruth (Conklin)

Hong, Kenyon

Hopper, Carlene (Harper)

Hughes, Norma (Binning)

Kerizolas, Venice (Knipe)

Larson, Marvin

Lorance, Gene

Miller, Lois (Chapman)

Mills, Kenneth

Moore, Koleta (Carvajal)

Nelson, Lloyd

New, Earnest

Novis, Lyle

Picker,Pat (Johnston)

Sackett, Bobby

Sackett, Jeannine (Straub)

Salyer, Tom

Shipman, Clyde

Smith, Elmer “Punk”’

Splawn, Donald

Sprague, George

Stewart, Lois (Burmasater)

Tade, James

Underwood, Maurice

West, Billy

Westlin, Eugene “Slim”

Wheeler, Virginia


Hales, Thomas Arthur


Vomacil, Barbara Jean (Sprague)


(no names were made available)


Amavisca, Jr., Conrad

Augenstein, James Edwin

Bradshaw, Fred

Carvajal, Edward

Claxton, Mike


Adams, Jack

Adams, Van L.

Armbruster, Emma Jo (Huff)

Baldwin, Charles

Barnes, Troy

Bess, Dr. Jack

Broadway, Everett Jacob

Burks, Ernest

Butler, Irene

Cohea, David Aaron

Copple, Ginny (Powell)

Copple, Gordon

Delano, Bonnie

Gilley, O.D.

Gilliand, Gene

Gonzales, Mary Francis (Contreras)

Gonzales, Robert

Grace, Patricia (Sims)

Hassel, Paul

Hixon, Anna May (Neese)

Inman, Dick

Johnson, Danny

Koogler, Don

Lee, Gary

Lincoln, Eddie

LeRoy, John

Masters, Dale

McDonald, Tommy

Miguel, Jeanette (Fernando)

Miranda, Roy

Moreno, Edward

Montana, Gilbert

Napoleon, George

Parra, Natilie (Gillet)

Paz, Emma (Salazar)

Peavler, Dolores Jean (Bradley)

Phillips, Charlie

Ruiz, Chui

Sanchez, Robert

Self, Jr., Carl

Shepard, Harley

Sonoqui, Joe

Staggs, Chalene (Pegg)

Steinbach, James Bert

Uribe, Joe

Wall, Mel

Whaley, Henry

Watts, George


Aguerro, Rudolph C. “Rudy”

Arreola, Maria Louisa (Rivera)

Benson, Richard L.

Billington, Donald R.

Brister, Cecil

Brown, James

Castro, Lawrence R.

Chavez, Cecilia

Chavez, Rose “Rosie” (Pintor)

Connor, Jerry D.

Crawford, Helen (Williams)

Cronkhite, Georgia (Snell)

Crump, Carl

Dean, Richard “Tommy”

Dearmore, Ray

Dees, Jeweldean (Works)

Dorsey, Charles B.

Drumm, Barbara (Amavisca)

Echols, Evelyn (Watson)

Emerson, Maxine (Hunter)

Ferguson, David W.

Ford, Phyllis (Trombley)

Garcia, Eugene R.

Garcia, Tony

Garrett, Larry G.

Grozzkreutz, Charlotte (Cypert)

Hamilton, Patricia (Tomkins)

Harvick, Neta (Bowman)

Higuera, James

Hunt, D. Boyd

Hurtado, William N.

Jones, Bernice (Wood)

King Jr., John F.

Kizer, Guy W.

Klaas, Robert “Bob”

Lee, Clarence A.

Lee, Clifford A.

Leffel, Franklin “Frank”

Maddox, Jr., Hosie L.

Marcus, Peter A.

Martin, William E. “Willie”

Mc Alpin, Patricia (Cates)

Mc Cluskey, Marlin C.

Mc Glocklin, Charles R.

McKinney, Zula (Abraham)

Mc Morris, T. Arnold

Meeks, Mizella (Natt)

Mills, Virginia. (Maloney)

Montana, Sylvia (Castillo)

Morales, Jesus

Murrietta, Frances (Lopez)

Needham, Harry J.

New, Charles C.

O’Brien, Charles M. “Chuck”

Pasqual, Roger

Pope, Philip L.

Pridgen, Mary Ann (Johnson)

Quick, Ralph E.

Quintero, Frank

Reel, Effie “Toni” (Kristol)

Ruby, Joseph L.

Sanasac, Wayne


Alvarez, Cecilia (Lugo)

Anhorn, Larry E.

Armstrong, Bruce K.

Barksdale, Janet (Silveria)

Bartos, Joan
Beene, James

Booth, Jr., Judson

Campbell, Mary Doris Louise (Poitier)

Cantrell, Sandra (Donley)

Chandler, Jack C. “J.C.”

Chastain, Jerry E.

Clint, Michael M.

Coffeen, J. Michael

Colby, J. Richard

Darby, W. Gene

Davis, Glenda L.

Elkins, Sharon (Hollinger)

Faz, III, Theodore

Frans, Diane

Freeman, Donald G.

Gonzales, Cecilia (Shaddy)

Goodman, C. Wayne
Harding, Laurene
Harper, Ronald

Hobart, Theodora “Teddy”

Lambert, Anne “Annie”

Leffler, Sandra (Cunningham)

Martinez, Richard

Matts, Janet (Gunkel)

Mc Rae, Walter L.

Ortega, Isabel (Santa Cruz)

Ortiz, Sally (Ramirez)

Lorona, Eugene

Phillips, Judy

Phipps, Ray

Schnack, Karl

Smith, Joan

Truhitte, Jannette (Qualls)

Vazquez, Refugio

West, Richard P. “Dickie”

Whaley, John Henry

Williams, Norma (Simich)

Witt, Jr., Marvin

Yeast, Paul L.

Ziegler, James D.


Alford, Kenneth V.

Bartos, John Paul

Beltran, James “Jimmy”

Creek, Pauline Marie (Blassingame)

Bowman, Sherril

Caley, Caley

McHenry, Darlene Fay (Carter)

Chitwood, Ralph Lowen

Hernandez, LauRee (Coleman) Penn

Curran, Jerome Cradell

Davis, Patsy

Donner, Loren Blaine

Boduy, Dillie M. (Easley)

Corbet Stalnaker, Linda Kay (Elkins)

Figueroa, Velia

Finell, Jr., Fred

Sims, Bonnie Nadine (Gann)

Gift, Fred

Gonsales, Raul Paulino

Gradias, Manuel Comacho

Waldrop, Betty (Higuera)

Jackson, Vivian M.

Johnson, Thomas Wayne

Kirsch, Kenneth K.

Kumley, Lorin “Peanut”

Kumley, Nelle L. (Knox)

Macazan, Eugene

Magdaleno, Antionio “Tony” Ortiz

Massey, Charles W.

Miller, W. Danny

Miranda, Salvador G.

Montague,Jr., Henry

Ochoa, Anthony C. “Tony”

Pell, John R.

Pollack, Naomi “Ernestine” (Quinn)

Rube, Jr., Paul

Russell, Leroy “Leon” Hester

Schumacker, Spencer L.

Gibford, Beverly Lenn (Searcy)

Sears, Jr., Forrest “Randy”

Serl, Kenneth E.

Smith, Richard E.

Szarek, Jr., George J.

Talbert, James D.

Terry, Beverly Jean (Johnson)

White Driver, Alma June (Thompson)

Tudor, Dell William

Vega, Eugene “Gene” A.

Vega, Salvador

Wallace, James Darwin

Lorance, Carolyn K. (Willis)

Zapata, Elvia Estella (Stella)


Collins, Buddy

Drisdell, Nola (Harp)

Howry, Robert M.

LeRoy, Jr., Louis

Starek, Richard “Rick”


Amavisca, Mary Ellen (Fowler)

Arriola, Elizabeth (Burton)

Bagby, Roy L.

Barnette, Linda (Golden) M.D.

Bell, Fred G.

Bobersky, Nancy

Bogle, James

Brown, Linda (Robinson)

Brown, Ralph

Brown, Steve

Bundy, Edna

Chappell, Susie (Simpson)

Cloud, Kenneth

Coffey, Carolyn (McDaniel)

Dailey, Earnestine

Darwin, Peggie (Carter)

Dees, Vearl

DuBois, Peter

Evans, Sharon (Esgar)

Fernanez, Lydia (Caraway)

Gill, Eddie (Arias

Golden, Armilda “Sis” L. (McAlpin)

Gradillas, Margaret A. (Gonzales)

Haman, Elsie (Nelson)

Harris, Ken A.

Hotel, Richard

Hotter, Carol A.

Hunt, Kathryn (Hawes)

Jack, Virgil A.

Jones, Karen (Brooks)

Kehl, Kenneth M.

Lechuga, Ysidro

Leon, Edward (Eddie)

Madison, Clareese

Messenger, William

Montgomery, Bradley

Morris, Edda Lee “Eddie” (Thompson)

Truman, Neely

Nunez, Eddie A.

O’Leary, Dennis

Penny, Joe

Phillips, Sandralee M. “Sandy” (Burnside)

Ramirez, Lupe

Raebel, Leroy

Reyes, Richard Steve

Robles, Victor

Schultz, Virgil

Shaver, James Larry

Smith, Richard B.

Smith, Richard E.

Soto, Bravie

Standsberry, Karen (Bristol)

Stanley, Calvin

Tennyson, Guyce

Villareal, Michael J.

Weber, Joseph “Jay” Allen

Whaley, Robert

White, Joyce (Simmons)

White, Steve

Winnett, George N.

Zapata, Eliza


Alvarez, Henry

Anderson, Tom

Ahdunko, Gerald

Bowler, Linda

Brazeel, Dale

Casson, Patty

Curtis, Nick

Chidester, Rosalinda

Dye, Bill

Elrod, Gail

Fender, Estele “Sonny”

Faidley, Howard

Fiser, John

Granio, Betty

Headstream, W. D. “Bill”

Hill, Mildred

Heredia, Lawrence

Hopstetter, Cindy

Johnston, Peggy

Ramirez, Lupe

Rasmussen, Jane

Reiss, Jessica

Sibley, Robert

Schnatsmeyer, Tim

Torres, Danny


Marty Raebel

Dennis Doer


Acosta, Manual
Breech, H. Bentley
Brown, William P. (Bill)
Burnett, John
Crowder, Charles

Evitch, Darrell

Ewing, Anne

Hines, Jerlene

Kosmata, John

Montoya, Daniel
Ramos, Frank
Renteria, Anita
Skevington, Sue
Westgate, Mark

Williams, Judy (Palus)


(no names were made available)


Abril, Alex

Brownlee, Kenneth

Burgoz, Mary Ann

Carter, Linda

Calderero, Larry

Comet, Raven

Compozano, Virginia (Martinez)

Conway, Jim

Davis, David

Dunnigan, Dennis

Echols, William Gordon

Fletcher, Greg

Rinehart, Betty (Giffin)

Hansberger, Mark

Johnson, Marilyn

Perry, Donna (Jones)

Lechuga, Vera

Meeks, Willie

Morse, Vance

Morrison, Essie (LeGrande)

Nevels, Carolyn

Ochoa, Gilbert

Pancrazi, Jo Estelle

Pickard, Julie (Beard)

Power, Jim

Redondo, Hector

Rodriguez, Luis

Sandate, David

Sims, Ernest

Stanley, Phillip Kenyon

Towne, Richard

Varela, Margaret (Renteria)

Vernon, Larry

Whalen , John J.

Wilkes, Neil


Bedoya, Larry

Brazeel, Charlotte (Haskin)

Canas, Louie

Clay, Mike

Dean, Jerry

Dunnam, David

Gray, Colleen (Shook)

Gray, Gary

Jessie, Ron

Kellam, Jeff

Knapp, Nancy (Olsen)

McGhee, Charlie

Miller, Tom

Munoz, Jessie

Ramsey, Virginia (Arias)

Showalter, Rogan

Slagle, Toni (Antosh)

Telford, Robert

Turowski, Claude


Battaglini, Jim

Doten, Pat

Edwards, Mickey

Gonzales, Jose

Griffin, Bill

Keeton, Neva Leigh (Miller)

Leavitt, Greg

Magana, Tony

Newhard, Bobby “Toad”

Powell, Gail

Prather, Jimmy

Ramsey, Virginia (Arias)

Sapp, Sherri

Solarez, Elias

Taylor, Danny

Wilson, Dave


Casares, John

Knight, Richard

Livingston, Michele M. (McClinton)

Munoz, Wayne


Kelly, Donald

Reed, Charlie

Croninger, Nancy

Morrison, Michael

Slate, Kathleen (Robinson)


Cross, Jeff

Duran, Alice

Frazee, Chris

Gardener, Victor

Gartland, Greg

Hall, Luanne,

Higgens, Margaret

Holst, Pat

Keller, Jane

Knepper, Raymond

McGhee, Emma

Morgan, Kristen

Nelson, William Steven

Nockels, Elaine

Parks, Jon

Perry, Ray

Rezin, Mary

Sibley, Phillip

Smith, Diane

Stephens, Lona

Taylor, Leslie

Zeller, Mike


Allt, Mike

Amerson, William

Buck, Alan

Crowe, Michael

Davis, Hubert

Faucon, Philip “Miflin”

Fitzpatrick, David

Hong, Kendra

Hughes, Darryl

Luker, Rhonds

McQuaid, Carla

Pieplow, Tim

Selly, Patty

Stewart, Kurtis

Zack, Judy


Clements, Brenda

Crabtree, Lori Steen

DeShazo, Linda

Doten, Chris

Fitzpatrick, Danny

Flores, Cathy

Peach, Ronnie


Anaya, William A.

Bousquet, David

Culver, Gail (Phylow)

Duffy, Tim

Edwards, Glen

Faison, John

Ferguson, Helen

Glover, Janice

Lightfoot, Betty Jean

McDowell, Teri

Myers, John

Rodgers, Carl

Scott, Marty

Sellers, Tim

Young, Beverly (Seamons)


Almodova, Nina

Bowers, Tom

Cook, Howard

Crawford, Diane

Dobbs, Deborah “Dawn”

Drysdale, Rollin

Grinter, Allen

Jackson, Bishop

Huddy, Rashelle

Pruitt, Angela

Salazar, Gilbert

Sellers, Steve

Shine, Linda Sue
Wall, Victor


(no names were made available)


Aragon, Ron

Arviso, Susie (Salamon)

Brock, Carol (Green)

Burrell, Pete

Cochran, Carlos

Copeland, Ronnie

Cox, Carol (Stronng)

Dunham, Cindy

Freytag, Jeff

Kendall, Jeffrey

Lansing, Eddie

Mathis, Dexter

Mercer, Rocky

Montijo, Manual

Perez, Ruben

Quiroz, Rachel (Larsen)

Phipps, Cindy (Hernandez)

Rojas, Susan

Shelton, Danny

Smith, Charlie

Soergel, Mick

Valencia, Ruben

Watson, Danny

Welch, Cathy (Baker)

Williamson, Valerie (Davis)


Montoya, Mike


McDonald, David

Motter, Paul Franklin


Brennan, Lunde (Zimmerman)

Conde, Louie

Delintt, Tom

Erickson, Veronica (Villaneda)

Keane, Darryl

Ochoa, Mike

Rico, Rudolfo


Montoya, Carlos

Broom, Alvin

Cole, Brent

Kern, Cody

Sitera, Jolene

Smith, Jeff


(no names were made available)


Estes, Robert Craig


Ibarra, Diana

Torres, Ismael


Smith, Diane


Barela, Paul

Howell, Jason

Pearson, Teresa


Abarda,, Theresa (Frank)

Fiser, Bobby

Johnson, Tammy

Pfieffer, Kenny


Dickover, Reyna


Meza, Octavio Jr.


(no names were made available)


Smith, Dale

1993. 1994, 1995, 1996

(no names were made available)


Flores, Michael

Spears, Justin


(no names were made available)


Corrales, Jr., Amancio G

2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

(no names were made available)

Wardens, Guards, Cell Block Monitors

Abbott, A. D. (Superintendent)

Andrews, Mattie Lou (Senior Problems)

Banta, Alford C. (Agriculture)

BeDillon, A. M. “Jack” (Industrial Arts, Head Track Coach)

Biltz, George William Gundy (Spanish, Administration)

Boehringer, C. Louise (Supt of Schools, 1913)

Brindley, Mr. Ethol (English)

Burtch, Helen A. (English, History)

Caldwell, Paul (Industrial Arts)

Calloway, E. Farris

Carey, Jack (Music, Visual Aids)

Castleton, Agnes (Commercial)

Cheatham, Jack

Clarkin, Thomas G. (El Saguaro Advisor, Principal)

Clay, George S. (Drivers Training, Football/Track Coach)

Cloyd, W.B. (Pres. Of YUHS Board, 1910)

Cramp, Bill

Conrad, Warren P. (English, Speech)

Cory, Emma (Commercial, 1913)

Dallabetta, John L. (Music)

Dingess, L. C. (Vice Superintendent)

Ewing, Arden C. (Mathematics)

Forsman, Leah (Mathematics)

Foster, Ruth (English, Latin)

Frazier, Robert C. (Vocal Music)

Freeney, Bennett (Agriculture)

Freeze, Wendell (Commercial)

George, Shirley (Reading)

Gillig, Julia (Biology, Social Science)

Gilmore, Helen E. (Art)

Greenwood, Harold N.

Groves, Rees (Mathematics)

Guymon, Ethel (Foreign Language)

Hall, Avis (Home Economics)

Hackworth, Albert J. (Biology, Senior Science)

Haughtelin, Lucile (Social Science)

Havens, Alba E. “Al” (Music)

Hixon-Mangrum, Henrietta (Mathematics)

Johannsen, Amelia (Foreign Language)

Kaluger, Cornell (Counselor)

Kelly, Helen M. (Spanish, English, 1913)

Kelley, Robert E. (PE, Football Coach, Head Baseball Coach)

Klaenhammer, Virginia (Nurse, Social Science, Counselor)

Koogler, Helen A. (Home Economics)

Lahtinen, Lynne
Leonard, Winifred W. (English)

Maehling, Leon H. (Chem., Physical Science, Superintendent)

Malone, Muriel (English)

Manes, William “Bill” (Varsity Wrestling, Principal)

Moore, Edith

Middleton, Marjory (Commercial)

Needham, Harry J. (Mathematics)

Olson, Lourene (Librarian)

Plath, Dr. Paul (Board President, Superintendent)

Post, Anita

Price, Edward H.

Rodgers, Edna Pearl (Commercial)

Schoeff, Donald (Vocational Agriculture, Farm Mechanics)

Saunders, Mary (Freshman English, Social Science)

Schriber, Prof. Edwin W., (Science 1913)

Soergel, Ed

Solakiewicz, John C. (Social Living, Reading)

Sorensen, Charles H. (Auto Mechanics)

Sorensen, Stella (Business)

Steen, Jesse

Taylor, Earl J. (General Math, Science)

Turner, Carolyn (Secretary)

Van Hoose, Prof. (Principal, 1913)

Van Hoose, Mary (sewing, cooking, history, 1913)

White, Paloma (Latin, English, Reading)

Winters, Carl

Alma Mater

High above the Colorado,

Raised against the sky,

Proudly stands our Alma Mater

As the years roll by,

Forward ever be our watchword,

Conquer and prevail!

Here’s to thee our Alma Mater,

Yuma High, all hail!


Linda M. (Johnson) Riley (’58), Chairwoman

Jonnie (Burks) Thomas (’58), Member

Carol (Johnson) Cloud (’56), Member

Carol (Slate) Underhill (’74), Member

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